Durable Solutions for Somali Refugee Returnees Project Grant Winners Success Stories

NAME: Abdullahi Adan Ali

Abdullahi is a 16 year old IDP who hails from Goofgaduud in Baidoa district. He lives with his single mother and his sister. His mother is the sole breadwinner and works hard to provide for the entire family. Abdullahi was selected as a beneficiary for the Durable Solutions for Somali Refugee Returnees Project where he was trained on business & vocational skill courses. Abdullahi was really happy for the training he received throughout the project period as he currently owns a small scale business where he sells varieties like sugar, bread, cooking oil biscuits, and soft drinks and many more. “I have completed both business & vocational skill training. I set up this business based on my business proposal plan and the grant I received from MMC/ILO. Thank God now I can fill the gap and increase our family income where I can save $2 per day and I have comfortably improved our family basic life”. Narrates Abdullahi.

Happiness was apparent and evident from the sparkling eyes and smiling face of Abdullahi as he continued getting busy serving one of his customers. He hopes that the income he generates from his business will help him pursue studies. He also thinks of expanding his business to offer the many other services his customers need and to compete with his other competitors.  “I am happy that this business will save me a great deal of trouble and give me hope for the future. The 4 month course work and the start-up grant I received have changed my life for the better. I will continue to work hard and to strive for a better tomorrow and be able to compete in the local market”. Said Abdullahi with a smile on his face.

He thanked ILO and the Government of Japan for providing financial support and setting him the platform for success.“Thanks go to Allah and the implementing parties ILO and MMC and the Government of Japan who were all functional for the facilitation & support of this wonderful project. I ask them to offer many more like this to the many internally displaced persons like me”. Concluded Abdullahi

NAME: Nur Isack Ibrahim

Nur Issack, a 32 year old returnee from IFO camp, Kenya and a proud father of two narrates that life has presented him with challenges as a returnee particularly in dealing with social interactions and his ability to get employment. But Nur was determined to overcome his barriers in order to earn his own paycheck and live an independent life. In February 2016, Nur was lucky to be one of the beneficiaries selected for the Durable Solution for Somali Refugee Returnees Project. Thanks to this project, Nur received both vocational and entrepreneurship skill training where he committed himself and trained intensively to improve his life and have a better future. After successful completion of training and receiving grant he   currently owns a garment-making shop, where he designs and makes all fashion clothes like shirts, trousers, blouses, T-shirts etc.

The smile you see when you meet Nur gives you confidence that he is progressing. Nur enjoys his work as becomes obvious by the gestures he shows when talking about his work. He has been moving on well despite the business challenges which are a common phenomenon since the economy is unpredictable, and the prices of the materials and items he needs differ from time to time.

“As you can see I’m slowly improving to manage my life with this business. Thank God, the project intervention came at the right time and I will continue improving my business to achieve my goals”. Testified Nur.

But Nur feels that business is about trying the impossible to make the possible happen. Nur attributes his success to the knowledge and skills that he gained at MMC’s Modern Industrial Training Centre (MITC) which now makes it easy for him to expand in the development of his skills.  Nur’s success proves that with the proper supports in place, a person can be successful in all his endeavors. Nur now has the tools to assist him in achieving a fulfilling life and he looks forward to a brighter future.

“I am grateful of where I am today after so many trials now I can save some money to take care of my business, pay rent, school fees and can provide the basic needs of my family and everything they require”. Said Nur.

Lastly he thanked the Government of Japan, ILO and MMC for giving him the opportunity to receive those skills as now he can contribute and raise the economic well-being of his family.

“I want to thank all the agencies involve in this noble program. Now I know the advantages of the skills training, in that, you can’t fail to get a job and even if you fail to be employed, you can create your own job due to the skills you possess”. Said Nur as he waves us goodbye

NAME: Ifrah Adan Amin

Ifrah Adan is the breadwinner of her 7 member family.  She established a small business selling shoes, different clothing materials, which is enough to pay her rent and the school fees of her children. When she arrived in Baidoa from Hagardheer camp- Kenya as a returnee, she had no relatives to help her and no income to start a new life in her old home country.

Ifrah, 26, was selected as a beneficiary for the Durable Solutions for Somali Refugee Returnees Project in Baidoa where she was trained on business & vocational skill training. She was one of the grant winners and received some start-up capital for her business.

Many customers would line up to buy shoes, different clothing’s in plastic bags during the eve of Idul-fitri celebrations when MMC Project Manager visited Ifrah’s small business.

“The sales I generate from this business are enough for us to manage our daily lives. I have no other source of income apart from my business,” Ifrah said. “It is always better to work and do something instead of sitting idle at home and waiting for someone else to help you.”

She brings in around $15 a day, out of which she saves to pay the monthly rent and school fees for her children.

“My savings can sustain the basic needs of my family; and I do see a bright future ahead,” Ifrah said optimistically.

She thanked the Government of Japan, ILO and MMC for contributing towards the success of her life and improving her condition through the trainings she received.

“God has really answered our prayers, and through ILO and MMC we received this great project of improving the conditions of the returnees and IDPs in Baidoa through various skill trainings. Many thanks also go to the Government of Japan for their kind support to the returnees and other vulnerable groups.” Ifrah concluded with a smile on her face.

NAME:Mohamed Hussein Abdullahi

Apprentice: Baidoa Electric Company (BECO)

Mohamed is a beneficiary of the Durable Solutions for Somali Refugee Returnee Project. He graduated in June 2016 with a certificate in Electrical Installation.  Immediately after his graduation, Mohammed concentrated all his efforts on looking for a job opportunity, with the help of MMC; Baidoa Electric Company took him as an apprentice for a start-up and gain experience on his skills.

Determined to overcome the challenges of life and to pull his family out of abject poverty, Mohamed wanted to shoulder the responsibility of supporting his family through this attachment as apprentice in order to further his skills development. “I’ve been given a great opportunity to practice my skills and qualification and  I like that I am out on site or field and I think my apprenticeship is a great way to get into my profession and earn while i learn.  Being on a site has allowed me to get to see lots of different areas of my skill work which is really interesting”. Revealed Mohamed.

The company trainers supported him to settle in and perform his duties. His willingness to work hard has impressed his coworkers.

“All my colleagues at work are very cooperative and I enjoy my work here. I am grateful to MMC for training me to excel in this field and for encouraging me to achieve this feat. The joy and happiness that I see every day on the faces of my family makes me very proud”.

He thanked the management of BECO for giving him the opportunity to achieve on his skill and improve the standard of living of his family.

“When you are looking for a job you do not always land up getting one where you get to do the kind of work you want to. But my training at MMC helped me achieve exactly what I had always been dreaming of. The management at BECO is very sensitive towards my requirements and has given me the best possible environment to work”

NAME: Hussein Ali Elmi

Employee:  Sahal Electronics

Hussein graduated June 2016 as Mobile phone repairing trainee. Since then, Hussein has worked hard to look for a job and with the help of MMC he managed to get employed at Sahal Electronics. This has enabled him to keep in touch with the mobile phone repairing knowledge that he got from his training at MMC’s Modern Industrial Training Center and earn some income so that he can meet his basic needs. He is able to perform basic mobile phone repairs and can make other accessories as well.

Hussein is optimistic that with the experience he is getting every day, he will be able to expand his knowledge & skill and save enough money to make an investment in the near future so as to open his own business. He was also grateful of the Returns project that greatly impacted on his life. “The work and consequent finding of the skills for jobs training at MMC has helped me to start my life on a positive note. Today I don’t need to depend on anybody to sustain my family and the respect I get from my family, relatives & neighbors makes me very proud”.

His grit and determination to always get better motivated the trainers who coached his skills since his productivity and daily output has been continuously amazing the team. His zeal to perform adds to the efficiency has helped him gain confidence and speed on the machines & items he uses.

“Professionally am trying to grow fast and now dreams to reach greater heights with Sahal Electronic as I could never garner the courage to think I could also work in a professional set-up like anyone else”. Said Hussein

From being totally dependent on his parents for even basic needs to earning some amount of income per month, his life has completely change and thanked Sahal Electronic for the opportunity they accorded him.

“Many thanks to Sahal Electronics for their kind welcome and giving me the platform to start work at their place as I found it very easy to adjust to my new job, they also ensured they inducted & mentored me well continuously for improved results”

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